Get Online Week 2016

08 Mar 2016

Get Online Week 2016

The European Get Online Week 2016 is an annual campaign of digital training that involves and empowers people to use technology and the Internet with confidence, allowing them to benefit from a world of online opportunities.

In a European context where 20% of citizens have never used the Internet and 39% of the workforce does not have the necessary digital skills to take advantage of available opportunities, to Portugal it is placed an even greater challenge: putting online 30% of the population and enable 49% of the working force to take advantage of the digital world!

For this reason, the goal of this campaign is to challenge people and organizations to develop local initiatives that help participants start using the Internet or digital technologies safely, confidently and productively. The aim is to improve the participants: i) digital skills, ii) digital employability profile and iii) the overall quality of life.

Form March 14th to 20th 2016, Europe is invited to participate in this movement of digital skills improvement!

The Get Online Week 2016 campaign is coordinated nationally by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. ..

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