"Internet Governance for inclusive growth" Workshop

02 Nov 2016

"Internet Governance for inclusive growth" Workshop

To promote reflection and the national debate, at a multi-sectorial level, around the future of Internet Governance, a Workshop entitled "Internet Governance for inclusive growth" will be held on 15th November in Lisbon.

IAPMEI (Salão Nobre), LISBON | 15th november | 14:30h

The Foundation for Science and Technology, IP, within the Forum for the Information Society - Internet Governance, aims to collect contributions for Portugal to present the Internet Governance Forum 2016, which will be held in Mexico in December, under the theme “Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth”.

The workshop focus will be on the problem of 28% of the Portuguese population that has never had any contact with the Internet and the services available in it, facing exclusion in a society increasingly marked by digital shed.

This workshop aims to open the debate on policy measures to promote inclusion and sustainability of the whole Portuguese society increasingly based on digital economy and massive use of Internet services, drawing attention to the urgency of concerted action between government, regulators, government, economic operators and civil society.

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