Strategic guidelines

The Portuguese Coalition for Digital Employability undertakes the following strategic intervention vectors:

  • An increase, on a large scale, of qualified human resources on different ICT levels, which result from the promotion of learning practices based on the ICT, capitalising on motivation since the upper primary school, as well as guidelines for the youth before and during secondary school, polytechnics, and university, in terms of those areas, and the re-qualification of young and adult graduates who are either unemployed or in unskilled employment for ICT, regarding the supply of new products, services, contents, or concepts, and also the general training of assets who are either employed or unemployed with any school level for user skills.
  • The dynamics of corporate investment in Portugal in activities - on different levels of complexity and based on the development of ICT solutions - as to turn it into one of the most important exporting poles for services and contents in creative industries, as well as one of the main generators of qualified jobs in Portugal.
  • Raising awareness of the younger generation to IT as a nexus of skills opening windows of opportunity for employment and to grow in their professional careers. This awareness must be focused on broadcasting, since middle and secondary school, ICT skills from the user’s point of view as well as programming skills, which will be a pioneer. It is also necessary to raise awareness of families for the added value of this early initiation, dissemination, and use of digital contents in the learning process, which is based on practical communities involving teachers, students, and parents.